15.3 km from Valbonne




There are 48 beaches along the 25 km of coasline that suround Antibes and juan les Pins.




Archeology Museum


This museum resides in a 17th century fortress on top of the Promenade Amiral de Grasse. Its collection focuses on the clasical history of Antibes. Most artifacts are from local digs and shpwrecks from Antibes harbour. The Veiws from the museum are worth the trip alone.


Naval museum of Napoleon


Again this Museum is housed in a 17th centrury stone fort and tower, it presents a collection of Napoleonic memoroabillia, paintings and naval modles.


Picasso Museum


This museum is home to one of the worlds largest and greatest Piccasso collections includeing 24 paintings, 44 drawings, 32 lithographs, 11 oils on paper, 80 pieces of ceramics, 2 sculptures and 5 tapestries. 


Absinshe Museum


The absinshe Museum is located in a basement in the Roman foundations of old Antibes. It is dedicated to the manufacture and appreciation of this green liquer.


Garoupe Lighthouse


The old lighthouse of antibes provides on of the best veiws in the region from its lofty hilltop. to get here you must walk about one kilometre up the Chemin de Calvaire from the Plage de la Salis. it makes for a nice half-day stroll.


Church of the Imaculate Conception


The central church in antibes was first built in the 11th century with stones used from earlier Roman structures. its currant facade was constructed in the early 18th century and blends latin classical symmetry and religouse fantasy. The interiour houses some impressive pieces such as a Baroque altarpiece and lifeisize wooden carving of Christs death from 1447


Theater and music


the theatre Antibea, Theatre des Heures and Cafe Theatre La Scene sur Mer all offer a variety of perfromances from orchestra music to dramatic plays. music of all types, from live jazz to dance Djs, can be found in the many baes and nightclubs. Jazz is a speciality around here, and the Juan les Pins Jazz festival is considered one of the best in the world (held in July).