9.6 kms from Valbonne

The town is considered the worlds capital of perfume. There is an annual Fête du Jasmin or La Jasminade, at the beginning of August. The first festival was on the 3 August–4 August 1946. These days, it is a big event; decorated floats drive through the town, with young women in skimpy costumes on board, throwing flowers onto the crowds. This is known as the 'flower battle' and everyone gets soaked by the natural perfume of the flowers.

There are also fireworks, free parties, folk music groups and street performers. There is also an annual international exhibition of roses ("Expo Rose").



Other sights include:


  • Saracen Tower, standing at 30 m.
  • Monumental gate of the hotel de ville
  • Fragonard museum, established in 1921
  • International museum of perfume
  • Musse d'Art d'histoire de provence
  • Church of placassier, built in 1644

Gorge walking


A short 15 to 20 minute drive up the valley gets you to the narrow and beautiful natural Gorges du Loup which cuts north-south through the hills at the foot of picturesque Gourdon village.  It is a great place for children and adults alike, whether you prefer to sunbath on a rock in the middle of the flowing fresh water or to explore the gorge and partake in some cliff jumping and make use of the natural water slides, the gourge has something for everyone.